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New Shelter Safety Protocols

 We are currently open for bunny supplies during our regular member hours and we are trying to keep everything in stock, but please check our website as things have been rapidly changing during this situation which affects us all.


  1. Immediately use the hands-free hand sanitizer upon entering the front door.  

  2. Please do not bring children to the shelter.  Older teens are OK, but limit anyone coming with you to the maximum number of people allowed inside.

  3. Only a max of 6 people inside at a time.  If you see several cars outside, please check to see when you may come in.

  4. Please get your supplies as quickly as possible and leave so there is no "gathering" and others are able to come in for their bunny supplies.

  5. Please maintain a 6' distance from others.   We are trying to utilize this to help keep everyone safe.  

  6. Nail trims are by appointment only.  You can reach us here to request an appointment during member store hours.

  7. Adoptions and bonding after orientation are also by appointment only.  

  8. Until current situations change we are not allowing members to visit the bunnies.  We know this is something enjoyable our members like to do, but we must maintain this area for our volunteers who are taking care of the bunnies until the current shelter in place order is lifted.

Volunteers Needed

 Volunteers are still needed (even more so) during these trying times. We are taking precautions to keep our volunteers safe and the bunnies still need cleaning, food, and hay. Please let us know if you can help. Adults only at this time.

  Please go to our Volunteer Application and mention when you would like to volunteer in the form. Volunteer times are Mondays through Thursday 6pm - 9pm,  Tuesday through Thursday 9:30am to 11am, Fridays at 9:30am, 3:30pm, or 7pm,  Saturdays between 10am - 4pm, and Sundays between 11am - 4pm.    

RHDV2 News

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus is a highly infectious and deadly disease affecting ONLY rabbits, (domestic and wild) hares and possibly pikas. It does not affect humans or other animals, but humans and other animals can carry the virus on them if they've unknowingly been in contact with the virus. Click here for more information on the virus.

House Rabbit Society of Missouri is happy to announce that all rabbits adopted from us will have their RHDV2 vaccine. 

Missouri was approved by the state veterinarian to receive the vaccine and we are extremely grateful that our bunnies can be vaccinated and protected before the virus hits our state.  All 100+ rabbits available for adoption at our rescue will have received both doses by November 13.

Beginning March 1, all bunnies coming into the shelter for boarding, bonding, or nail/fur trims will need to be vaccinated(with both doses).

Locally, the vaccine is available at Hope Animal Hospital in Fenton, Creve Couer Animal Hospital in West County, and Four Paws Animal Hospital in O'Fallon.

  For more, please see our page on RHDV2.

Changes to the adoption process

For viewing adoptable bunnies, having bonding sessions, and even nail trims, please set up an appointment so we don't have a lot of people coming at the same time.  Please use this site's contact us page to let us know when you would like to come in. We will respond to your inquiry.  

Temporarily we are not allowing people to go in the main bunny room just to look at bunnies.  Normally, we love to have you see the bunnies, but we are using as many precautions as possible so that we can keep the Bunny House open for supply trips, orientations, bunny adoptions, etc. 

Become a Member

Anyone interested in becoming a member can do so for only $25 per year.  The choice of "how" is up to you, just please do it!  HRS has a never-ending stream of innocent bunnies that need help. Your memberships are always needed and greatly appreciated!  All workers are volunteers, so your membership dues go directly to caring for homeless rabbits. Membership includes free nail trims for bunnies, discounts on hay and more.  Thank you in advance for your support!   

Illinois Supplies

There will still be supplies made available at Pat Daly's home, but there will be a new method to best keep our volunteers safe.   Please text or e-mail Pat to let her know what supplies you need.  Those of you on the east side already have her contact info. Wait to hear back from her with what she has available and the price.  Make your payment via PayPal on our website.  Pat will place your order on her front porch.  No orders after 8:30PM.


"I'm Pumpkin. I might pop-up from time to time to give you some bunny insights."

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Bunnies of the Week

Isaiah and Isaac are a sweet pair of Mini-lop mixed males. They are very outgoing and love to be petted. These poor boys were found in a box left outside to fend for themselves. They love to explore and their antics will keep you entertained. Isaiah and Isaac would do well with children and adults. They are litterbox trained and neutered. Please come and meet this cute pair.

About Us

Missouri House Rabbit Society is a 501 (c3) all-volunteer, non-profit organization with a dual purpose of rescue and education. Donations are tax deductible.

Utilizing foster homes as well as The Bunny House shelter, volunteers provide appropriate care and socialization opportunities to rabbits so that they may be adopted into loving, permanent, indoor homes. Our educators assist the public, humane societies, and local shelters through publications on rabbit care, phone and e-mail consultations, and classes upon request.

Please note that we are only open to members due to our St. Louis County permit; we are not open to the public for walk-in traffic. Appointments must be made by prospective members for orientations or to view rabbits.

Matching Grant Fundraiser

In coordination with our Holiday Bunny Boutique, we have been offered a matching donation of $3,000. If we can raise $3,000 our donor will match with another $3,000. We've had to do a lot of spays and neuters this year and also get every bunny vaccinated for RHDV2. This will help a lot in covering those very necessary expenses for the bunnies. Click the donate button above and mention "Matching Fund".