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Adoption Inquiry

Before adopting from our rescue, we require that new adopters attend an orientation on bunny basics. Below, you will find an adoption inquiry form. Please take the time to answer the questions.


You will be contacted to set up an appointment for our orientation and to meet many of our available bunnies at our shelter in Fenton. The orientation provides a lot of information on rabbit behavior and care.  Even long-time bunny parents will learn new information.  We do limit attendees for orientation and our Education Room is set up to provide appropriate social distancing to help people stay safe during Covid.  Masks are also required to be worn (and over the nose) while people are in our shelter. 


We also ask that you do NOT get any type of housing (food, supplies, etc.) before visiting to see the bunnies. There are many things sold for rabbits in pet stores that are inappropriate for them and some can even be deadly.  You’ll learn more about this when you visit.  Please allow at least two hours for your visit.


We ask, too, that only children 13 yrs. or older come for orientation.  Due to some subject topics and the fact that young children become bored quickly, it is best that young children wait to come on the second visit.  We very much want younger children to come on the second visit when they can meet and spend time with the bunnies.

However, we also ask that visiting children be 4 yrs. or older because they must wear masks and the process of meeting bunnies becomes boring for very young children and they usually have a hard time wearing a mask for long periods of time.  


These second visits are set up with Covid in mind so each adopter has their own visit time.   


Please note that we only adopt to people 21 or over. We do not review applications from people under 21.


Please also note that all bunnies coming into the Bunny House for a bondmate must be fully vaccinated for RHDV2 


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