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Adoption Process


When considering adopting a Missouri HRS bunny, we require you to complete a questionnaire. YOU MUST BE 21 or over to complete the application.  If you are under 21 and living at home, a parent or guardian must fill out and send in the application.  Please fill out our Adoption Inquiry form here. A completed questionnaire must be reviewed to determine the potential placement of any bunnies.

Detailed information about the adoption process is included with the adoption questionnaire. 



Our list of bunnies available for adoption is constantly changing due to adoptions and rescues. Check out our adoptable rabbits here. When interested in a particular bunny, please call or email us and have the bunny's name, description, etc. handy when you call or include it in your email. Please note that some rabbits have special needs mentioned in their listings and cannot go out to households with small children or inexperienced bunny owners. We have these policies in place to protect the owners and the rabbits.


Our Adoption Fee is $75.00 for a single and $125.00 for a bonded pair.

All bunnies coming to the Bunny House to find a friend must be fully vaccinated for RHDV2.




This minimal fee includes:


  1. Your new furry, forever friend/family member.  One of the sweetest and funniest furkids you will ever have!

  2. A well-bunny vet-check from a veterinarian specializing in rabbits. This now includes vaccinations for RHDV2, a series of two injections. For information on RHDV2, please go here.

  3. 30-day health guarantee

  4. A rabbit that has been spayed or neutered, socialized, and litter box trained (or started on litter box training).  Please note that a spay/neuter from a veterinarian truly knowledgeable on rabbits generally runs from $350 to over $450.

  5. Internal/external parasite treatments

  6. A one-year, $25.00 membership in the Missouri House Rabbit Society, which includes the following benefits:

  • FREE Nail Trims at meetings or Bunny House Shelter

  • FREE Hair Trims on Angora bunnies

  • Help bonding your rabbit to potential new bunnies

  • Ongoing support for your new pet

  • Access to Bunny Boarding

  • Access to our member store where we sell

  •     Premium Timothy Hay

  •     Only healthy rabbit pellet brands

  •     Safe rabbit toys

  •     Proper sized litter boxes

  •     Rabbit-safe litter

  •     Rabbit-safe treats

  •     Cage pads

Fun Fact

"Did you know that bunnies can sleep with their eyes open? Great way to scare a human."

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