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Cages and Pens

   Metal dog crates or kennels are excellent for rabbit cages. We recommend 48-inch or 54-inch crates. We sell 48-inch crates at our shelter. They can also be found on Amazon hereWe also find that the 2 door option is the best for ease of use and cleaning. We also sell cotton rugs and custom cage liners at our shelter to help make your rabbit's cage their home.

   You can add ramps and shelves fairly easily to these crates to provide more room to run and added enrichment for your rabbit.

   Make sure to outfit your cage with a food bowl and a water bowl for your rabbit. Water bottles are not recommended as rabbits do not lick single drops of water, but slurp large quantities at a time. Water is crucial to a rabbit's health because dehydration affects their digestion and can lead to GI stasis. Find a large ceramic crock or a plastic crock that can hook onto the side of their cage because some rabbits love tipping their bowls. We sell bowls at our member store as well. A litter box, hay rack and some rabbit toys to toss and chew will complete your rabbit's new home.


Here is an example of a 48inch crate modified with a ramp and shelf used by a dwarf rabbit.


A large 36 inch tall pen with removable panels and a door is great for large breed rabbits.

   Exercise Pens or X-pens are another dog item that can be used to house rabbits. We sell pens at our member store. Pens are ideal for larger rabbits or groups of bonded rabbits that need the space to run. You want pens that are high enough to keep your rabbits from jumping out. Some rabbits are fine with only 30 inches tall, while others need 36 inches and taller. Bigger bunnies and climbers may even need pens with tops. Search Amazon for wire dog exercise pens. Here is an option from Midwest Crate that's lightweight, but might not be great for permanent use. Here is another sturdier option that has it's own door.

   You can fill your pen with toys and line them with cotton rugs and blankets. You do not want to use carpet or anything with nylon as rabbits will chew it and it can get stuck in their digestive track. To protect your floors, you can place tile board or panel board underneath the pen.

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