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Grooming Your Rabbit

    Rabbit grooming may seem like a simple topic, but they do require some specialized care. Brushing, nail trims and scent gland cleaning all need to occur on a regular basis. The good news is that rabbits do not ever need baths. Getting them wet is actually detrimental to their health. If their undercoat gets wet, it isn't easy to thoroughly dry. This puts them at risk for hypothermia and potentially even fungus or bacterial growth. Some rabbits with severe health issues may require occasional bathing on their hind legs and rear end to prevent urine scald or to remove caked-on feces. Read on to learn how to properly care for your rabbit's aesthetic needs.

What brushes are good for your rabbit's fur and how often they need to be brushed.

Learn how to trim your rabbit's nails and clean their scent glands

How to check your bunny's body for bumps and their ears for mites and infection.

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