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    Rabbits need to have some time out of their cages daily. Some rabbits can even be free roam. In order for your rabbits to live life to the fullest, your house will need to be bunny-proofed. Yes, it's a lot like baby-proofing your house. Think of your rabbit as a forever toddler: they will chew, taste and dig on everything they can reach.


Corrugated tubing like this can be found at hardware stores and Ikea.


  • Cover your wires! Rabbits are attracted to wires. They will bite right through them. If they are plugged into an outlet, this can mean a potentially deadly shock for your rabbit. If they are free-roam, they should be in a wire free room. You can buy wire covers(also called cord protectors or cord organizers) at most home improvement stores.  Here is one on Amazon. Ikea also sells them here. Some rabbits can chew right through the thinner, corrugated covers. However, you can also make your own cover by buying plastic tubing from a home improvement store and slicing it lengthwise. Place it around the cord and you're finished.

  • Block access to unsafe areas. If you want to keep them out from behind or under the couch or bed, you'll have to block it off. A length of wood can work under a couch, so can a larger PVC pipe. Baby Gates and small pens straightened out work well to keep them safe or to block dangerous areas. The Neat Idea Cubes listed in the Cubes and Coroplast section can also be used to block access.

  • Protect your wood. Some bunnies will chew the baseboards, you can use Ivory soap to help with this problem. Simply rub the bar of soap along the wood, the smell will make most bunnies turn away. You may have to reapply it every so often. Note that bitter apple doesn't work with rabbits. They like it. Pepper is also not recommended.

  • Have a litter box out. They will need a place to use the facilities when out of their cages. Most spayed and neutered rabbits will have no trouble using a litter box while out. Make sure they know where it is. Place some hay in it for food and to encourage it's use. Make sure to leave a water bowl out for them as well.

Grids can be used to block areas off from your rabbits.

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