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Cubes and Coroplast Cages

A cube pen! The cable ties are great for added support and making doors.

NIC (800x619).jpg

    C and C cages are also known as cubes and coroplast or Neat Idea Cube cages. These are the metal and plastic homemade cages which can work well for some rabbits and guinea pigs. Here is a guinea pig website with information on how to create a cage. Just remember that rabbits can hop and need at least two rows high plus a top if they can climb. Some people just make a pen and leave off the coroplast bottom. Some of the cons of these cages is that they are not very sturdy and can be harder to clean. But, they can be made any size you want them to be.

   If using a coroplast bottom, place the coroplast outside the wire cubes so that the rabbits cannot chew the edges. Give a two inch buffer around the outside of the cubes so they cannot reach through and chew the plastic.

    You can get a pack of cubes (you may need two) for around $20 (Try Bed, Bath and Beyond for discounts). A sheet of coroplast can be found at local sign companies in many colors. They only run $10-$12 for a 4ft by 8ft sheet. Many places will cut them for you. You can usually find the cubes at Target or Walmart in the storage section and they are often seen during back to school time in the summer. Search for wire storage cubes on Amazon here. You can use cable ties to reinforce the connectors that come with the cubes. They are also great for creating doors. You want the cubes with openings closer to 1 inch wide, not three. The cubes are about 14 inches wide each. 2 grids high by 3 wide and 2 deep is a about the same as a 42 inch dog crate.

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