Bunny Boarding

Missouri House Rabbit Society(MOHRS) offers boarding on a limited basis due to space available.  Boarding is normally done at our new shelter in Fenton, MO.  We mainly utilize large (48") dog crates, but we have pens for a bonded group of bunnies. Volunteers are experienced with rabbits. By boarding with us, the bunnies avoid being around barking dogs or in a location where rabbits aren't understood.

​​​Rabbits are provided with a litter box, unlimited 3rd cut Small Pet Select hay, water bowls, pelleted food (we carry most good brands - but you will need to bring your own if it is something we do not carry), toys, greens, baby carrot, and limited treat.  Most have a cardboard box for hiding, lounging and chewing. 


  1. Bunnies may be dropped off on weekday evenings 7pm - 9pm before charges start, at no additional cost. 

  2. There is no additional cost for administering provided medicine.

  3. Rabbits must be spayed or neutered, unless they are too young (under 4 months). They must have a current health exam within 6 months prior to the boarding date. 

  4. You must be a current member of MOHRS.  This rule is a requirement of our permit.  Membership is $25 per year and provides many benefits including boarding privileges.  You can easily join MOHRS online by clicking HERE and choosing the Membership category.

  5. We need the name of your veterinarian and ask that you sign a waiver allowing us to bring your rabbit to the vet in case of an emergency. Please inform your veterinarian that your rabbit will be boarding with us. This allows you to discuss limits on treatment expenses with your vet ahead of time. Emergencies are rare but we do not want any rabbit to go untreated because the owner could not be reached.

  6. Please note our hours open for members is as follows: 

Weekdays 7pm - 9pm

Saturday 9am - 4pm

Sunday 1pm - 4pm. 



Occasionally, arrangements can be made for a special time to drop off/pick-up, but please try to work within the hours that volunteers are available at our front desk.  We are closed on major holidays--volunteers always arrive to care for all of the bunnies, but we do not have the front desk open for business.


Boarding Cost per Day            

$12 (single bunny)                    

$14 (bonded pair same cage)     

$16 (bonded trio same pen)        


Please contact us for different boarding scenarios and any questions beforehand.


To reserve boarding space call 636-349-0606 or fill out the form below.

"Did you know that rabbit poop makes great fertilizer? Put some on your roses!"

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Phone. 314-995-1457

75 Elizabeth Dr.

Fenton, MO 63026

Email. mo_hrs@hotmail.com

Monday - Friday: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Saturday: 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Due to our St. Louis County permits we are only open to members.

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