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Now that you have a place for your rabbit to play or live, you'll need to fill it with some things they need. Plus, you get to buy them all sorts of cute bunny things and toys! Many of these items are available for sale at out shelter store.

  • Water bowl. As noted above, your rabbit will need a sturdy water crock instead of a bottle. Bottles do not provide them with adequate water. Get a bowl from our member store at the rescue.

  • Food bowl. It can be smaller than the water bowl, they just need to get to their pellets.

  • Litter box. We sell a few types at our shelter. The small corner ones at pet stores are much too small for bunnies. They need a cat litter box. Bus tubs sold at Sams or Costco work very well for extra large bunnies. Senior rabbits will need one with a smaller side for ease of hopping into it.

  • Litter. Rabbits DO NOT use kitty litter. It can make them very sick by inhaling the dust. We use wood stove pellets at the rescue. We sell them as well. You need to find hardwood stove pellets. There are no harmful oils in them that you would find in wood shavings. You can also use paper bedding like Carefresh for litter. Stay away from anything clay based or kitty litter in general. No shavings(even aspen), corn or coconut husks.

  • Cage pads. We sell cage pads and cotton rugs at the shelter. Do not use carpet.

  • Toys. Fun stuff! Cardboard boxes to shred and play in are a low cost, much loved toy. Willow balls are also great. Phone books with the cover torn off are fun to destroy. You don't want shiny paper like in magazines, it doesn't digest well and could contain toxins.  We sell a variety of toss toys at the shelter. Baby stacking cups are fun for them too. Rattles and any very hard baby toys are generally safe for rabbits. No small parts, if it can go in their mouth, it will.


Nice, heavy crocks are great for rabbits--they're harder to tip over and easy to clean.


Carefresh is a good litter to use for your rabbits, it's made from paper.


Toys to chew on keep your rabbit from eating the wrong items.

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