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What Do You Get with your $75 Adoption Fee?

This minimal fee includes:

  1. Your new furry, forever friend/family member.  One of the sweetest and funniest furkids you will ever have!

  2. A well-bunny vet-check from a vet who specializes in rabbits. This now includes vaccinations for RHDV2, a series of two injections. For information on RHDV2, please go here.

  3. A 30-day health guarantee

  4. A rabbit that has been spayed or neutered, socialized, and litter box trained (or started on litter box training). Spay and neuters from rabbit savvy vets routinely cost $350 to $550.

  5. Internal/external parasite treatments

  6.  A one-year, $25.00 membership in the Missouri House Rabbit Society, which includes the following benefits:

  • FREE Nail Trims at the Bunny House Shelter 

  • FREE Hair Trims on Angora bunnies 

  • Help to bond your rabbit to potential new bunnies 

  • Ongoing support for your new pet 

  • Access to Bunny Boarding 

  • Access to our member store where we sell:      

  • Premium Timothy Hay      

  • Only healthy rabbit pellet brands  

  • Safe rabbit toys      

  • Proper-sized litter boxes      

  • Rabbit-safe litter      

  • Rabbit-safe treats      

  • Cage pads

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