Nail Trims and Grooming

Nail Trims

Nail trims are always free for our members. Covid Update**Please make an appointment for nail trims and gland cleaning as stated on our homepage. Contact us here.**


We do charge non-members a $5 nail trim fee. 



​Fur Trims (for Angoras and Lionheads) are also free for members, but we do ask for a donation as it can be a pretty lengthy process at times. If the fur is heavily matted then the cost is $15 per hour and the bunny may need to stay with us for a day or two as extensive fur trimming can be stressful on the bunny if done all at one time.   

For non-members it is $25 per hour.  Fur trims require an appointment. Call us at 314-995-1457 or


"Some rabbits have heterochromia, my friend Smidgeon has true heterochromia, each eye is a different color. They can also have 2 colors in one eye."

Fun Fact