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Body and Ear Checks

    Now that your bunny is brushed, trimmed and cleaned, give them a once over to check for anything out of the ordinary. Check for scabs, bumps, lumps or any mark that looks new on their skin. It's like a full body massage for your bunny--they'll like it. Skin should be free of dust or dirt. Rub their cheeks to feel for any potential abscesses along their jaw. Check their front teeth to make sure they aren't overgrown. Bunnies' eyes should be bright and clear, no discharge. Check for nasal discharge.

    Lastly, check their ears, you don't need an otoscope to look for discharge(sign of infection) or any crustiness, which could be ear mites. Lops are more prone to ear infections. They have narrow ear canals, which can cause a build-up of debris. Look for sensitivity to touch, rabbits who were fine with someone touching their ears who suddenly yank away, likely have a problem. Smell their ears, infected ears have an odor. However, it is possible to have an ear infection without external signs. Report anything different to your vet at your twice yearly visit. Knowing your bunny's body can save their life when you find something different than normal.

Run your fingers over the bunny to check for lumps or wounds.

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"Who is this adorable guy?"

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