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Due to our St. Louis County permits we are only open to members.

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Help a Bunny,

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Sanctuary Homes Needed

Do you have room in your home and heart to take in a sanctuary bunny?  These are rabbits who may be a bit more cranky from poor previous human care or ones with a chronic physical condition that can be accommodated with care or medicine or maybe they're just old bunnies who are not likely to get adopted, but deserve to live in a home where they can be loved.  These are rabbits for whom we seek a permanent home and MO HRS provides for the medical care of these rabbits.  There are several at our shelter who would love to have a home.  If you are interested, please mention sanctuary bunnies when you                         

"I'm Pumpkin. I might pop-up from time to time to give you some bunny insights."

Become a Member

Anyone interested in becoming a member can do so for only $25 per year.  The choice of "how" is up to you, just please do it!  HRS has a never-ending stream of innocent bunnies that need help. Your memberships are always needed and greatly appreciated!  All workers are volunteers, so your membership dues go directly to caring for homeless rabbits. Membership includes free nail trims for bunnies, discounts on hay and more.  Thank you in advance for your support!   

Monthly Meeting and Hoppy Hour

There will be a monthly meeting at the Bunny House on Tuesday, February 18 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will include a film on Bunny Training 101, which shows how to train a bunny for some very practical things like getting in the carrier on their own as well as participating in an agility class. 

There will also be a Hoppy Hour in our extra-large play area with lots of enticing things for bunnies to do. It is $10 per family (if you have more than one bunny it is still $10 per family).  We will have people in the pen monitoring behavior, but most bunnies do extremely well in a neutral area with lots of things to keep them interested.  

Volunteers Needed

Front Desk Help

This is an easy and fun way to help at the Bunny House.  It does not require a lot of physical effort and you always know when new things have arrived and popular items are back in stock.   Front desk help is needed from 7pm - 9pm Monday through Friday and on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4pm.  Can you help? Please go to our Volunteer page and mention Front Desk in the form.

Bunny House Help

Of course, we always need volunteers at the Bunny House, too, so if you want hands-on volunteering with the bunnies, please go to our Volunteer Page and mention when you would like to volunteer in the form. Volunteer times are Mondays through Thursday 6pm - 9pm,  Tuesday through Thursday 9:30am to 11am, Fridays at 9:30am, 3:30pm, or 7pm,  Saturdays between 10am - 4pm, and Sundays between 11am - 4pm.    


MO HRS does adoption events at Petsmart stores in Manchester and Brentwood in Missouri and O'Fallon, Illinois.  We do not adopt out bunnies at these events.  We provide people with good information about rabbit care and behavior. For those people interested in adoption, they can fill out an application.  Please visit our volunteer page for contact information.

Bunnies By the Numbers

This past year, we took in 286 rabbits. We receive calls to take in rabbits from many rescues and animal controls throughout the metro area

We adopted out 250 bunnies. Thanks to all our adopters!

This year, volunteers caught 61 rabbits left to fend for themselves in the wild. Our chapter is blessed to have volunteers who go out to save the lives of abandoned rabbits - day and night, in the summer's heat and the winter's cold.

We handled 135 events and activities this year. From our Bunny Expo in June to our Bunny Boutique in November, we handle many outreach events throughout the year. We participated in local events at the Botanical Garden and Science Center(and many others) and host education events for schools and scout programs. Our Chapter Manager, Joy Gioia also taught a class for veterinary students at Mizzou.

Bunny of the Week

Meet Giada, a friendly Florida White mix female. She even comes with a built-in pillow. Giada would love a home with room to explore. She is litter box trained and spayed. She would do best with older children and adults. Giada may work well as a bondmate. Please come and meet this sweet girl. Big white bunnies make great pets!

About Us

Missouri House Rabbit Society is a 501 (c3) all-volunteer, non-profit organization with a dual purpose of rescue and education. Donations are tax deductible.

Utilizing foster homes as well as The Bunny House shelter, volunteers provide appropriate care and socialization opportunities to rabbits so that they may be adopted into loving, permanent, indoor homes. Our educators assist the public, humane societies, and local shelters through publications on rabbit care, phone and e-mail consultations, and classes upon request.

Please note that we are only open to members due to our St. Louis County permit; we are not open to the public for walk-in traffic. Appointments must be made by prospective members for orientations or to view rabbits.