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If you would like to order THREE (3x) 2024 Rabbit Rescue calendars featuring HRS bunnies, order here.


Includes great educational information and details about our wonderful sponsors.

Price includes shipping for USA sales only.  Worldwide shipping is also available, please contact us for more information.

Click photo to enlarge.


Additional information:  Each year at Missouri House Rabbit Society, we take in many babies during the weeks and months following Easter. Some rabbits are abandoned to fend for themselves in the wild, even as babies. We have a wonderful crew of volunteers who go out and catch these loose rabbits when they are reported to us. Some bunnies are dumped at local animal controls that are ill-equipped to handle rabbits. Our rescue tries to help all rabbits in the St. Louis metro area: donations and adoptions allow us to save as many as possible.Once the rabbits are at our rescue, we vaccinate the for RHDV2, spay or neuter them and treat them for parasites. Donations from fundraisers like this calendar help us to accomplish these tasks. In addition to placing these rabbits up for adoption once they are healthy, we educate the public on general rabbit care. We always emphasize the belief that rabbits do not belong in Easter baskets and that pets should never be given as presents.However, rabbits and baskets can make a great pair outside of Easter season: baskets are great for bunnies to snuggle in, play with and chew on to their hearts' content. With that in mind, we chose this year's theme to be bunnies in baskets. We hope you enjoy the antics of this year's bunnies as they play in and on their favorite toy and place to sleep.Please visit for information on rabbit care. Always spay and neuter your bunnies.-Photography by Katie Mosher.

3x - 2024 Rabbit Rescue Calendars Featuring HRS Bunnies (3x units) - Free Ship

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