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If you would like to order TWENTY (20x) 2023 Rabbit Rescue calendars featuring HRS bunnies, order here.


Includes great educational information and details about our wonderful sponsors.

Price includes shipping for USA sales only.  Worldwide shipping is also available, please contact us for more information.

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Additional information:  In 2022, Missouri House Rabbit Society of St. Louis celebrated its 25th anniversary. Throughout the years, the rescue has helped thousands of rabbits find homes. One of our goals is to educate the general public on the benefits of proper rabbit care. We encourage people to keep their bunny as a house pet with access to the appropriate living accommodations (inside with room to run), a healthy hay-based diet, twice-yearly check-ups with a rabbit-savvy veterinarian, and of course, love and attention. Along with spaying and neutering, proper care has the most impact on your rabbit’s ability to lead a long life (10-12 years). Giving these bunnies a chance to find a new home in which to thrive is what drives rescuers to continue their mission. In 2021, 362 rabbits were rescued and our group found new homes for 300 bunnies.Fairytales and nursery rhymes have taken over our 2023 calendar. The sets included bunnies of all sizes, ages, and breeds. Most of the bunnies in the calendar have already been adopted, but a few are still awaiting the perfect home. All of the bunnies enjoyed playing their parts for the camera and some bunnies even found the props so comfortable that they didn’t want to leave—Old King Cole loved that throne. Many months include backgrounds from local parks and scenic country drives, which you might recognize if you live in the St. Louis area. We hope that this calendar brings you into a world full of enchantment and beautifully unique rabbits.  -Photography by Katie Mosher.

20x - 2023 Rabbit Rescue Calendars Featuring HRS Bunnies (20x units) - Free Ship