If you would like to order TWENTY (20x) 2021 Rabbit Rescue calendars featuring HRS bunnies, order here.


Includes great educational information and details about our wonderful sponsors.

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Additional information:  It’s been another busy year at Missouri House Rabbit Society. We rescued 287 rabbits and found forever homes for 253. As always, our mission is to educate the public about better bunny care and the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. We believe it is important for rabbits to live inside the home where they can truly interact with their humans. When planning this year’s calendar theme, we chose to showcase rabbits’ daily lives in the home. We had no idea when we started shooting that we would end up at home for so long. We only had half our photos finished when stay-at-home orders were announced in March, 2020. So, we hat to get creative with our sets by using objects found around the house. Bunnies from photos taken during the stay-at-home period belonged to the photographer and were, well, bored as they’re used to photo sessions. The babies shown are from Merry and Serendipity’s litters: they had incredibly photogenic and curious babies. Some babies were so comfortable on our sets that they sell asleep. All rabbits in the calendar are either pending adoption or adopted. Photography by Katie Mosher.

20 Bunny Calendars - 2021 Rabbit Rescue Featuring HRS Bunnies (20x quantity)




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