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Additional information:  We had a baby boom this year at Missouri House Rabbit Society of St. Louis. By June of 2021, we brought in 238 rabbits, including 7 litters—keeping us on track to break last year’s record of 440 rescued bunnies and 358 adoptions. During Spring of 2021 alone, we brought in four litters of 9 or more rabbits. Many of these rabbits were rescued by volunteers after they were dumped outside by their owners and forced to fend for themselves—underscoring the importance of educating pet owners on why they need to spay and neuter their pets. When rabbits are not spayed or neutered, it drastically increases their chances of developing reproductive cancers; the toll on the mothers being forced to carry consecutive monthly litters is tremendous as well. Educating potential owners on why not to purchase baby rabbits from pet stores is an important step in stopping the overbreeding cycle. Rescuing rabbits and education in proper rabbit care remain the most important goals for our organization. With all these cuddly kits around us, we decided to create another baby-themed calendar. Our calendar showcases a variety of breeds and different stages of baby bunny life. We hope you enjoy the undeniable cuteness of the bunnies that follow. Many have already found new homes and, hopefully, all will have forever homes by the time this calendar is in your hands. -Photography by Katie Mosher.

15 Bunny Calendars - 2022 Rabbit Rescue Featuring HRS Bunnies (15x quantity)