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Medical Conference

RECOGNIZING & MANAGING RABBIT MEDICAL ISSUES for Rescuers and Owners is a one-day medical workshop for rabbit rescuers and owners. It is being offered by Missouri House Rabbit Rescue and Saving Rabbits. Please note this is NOT intended to replace veterinary care. An essential part of appropriate care is taking your rabbit to a veterinarian who is knowledgeable in rabbit care including emergency clinic veterinarians for when you have an emergency. Please locate these veterinary sources as soon as you adopt your rabbit and don’t wait until an emergency occurs!

This workshop is intended to:

  • Increase your knowledge of and ability to suspect common rabbit disorders

  • Know when the situation is an emergency including signs of pain in the rabbit

  • Know what materials to have on hand at home for both common and emergency issues

  • Know what actions might be useful at home until the rabbit can see a veterinarian including keeping records

The veterinarian is the professional who will determine the diagnosis and course of treatment if needed. Giving the caregiver basic knowledge of common issues that need medical care will greatly improve the chances for success in managing these issues on the veterinary end. Topics planned for this workshop are listed below. Some topics will be more in-depth and others more about understanding/recognition. Lay material is being reviewed by veterinarians experienced in rabbit care. Handouts on topics included. Workshop attendance is $20 and will be used to cover the expenses of the workshop. This is not a fundraising event. People may bring their own lunches (please bring in a small cooler) or they may purchase a lunch from a listing available on our website at Lunches are from the Art of Entertaining and will be brought to the workshop for the lunch break. Water, soda, coffee, and tea will be provided. Snacks will be provided during the breaks.
Speakers currently include rescuers who have been working with rabbits and emergencies for over 25 years. Speakers include Dana Krempels, PhD, U of Miami,
BOD Saving Rabbits, Robin Rysavy, PhD, 30 years Missouri House Rabbit president(Kansas City, MO,)
George Flentke, PhD, U of North Carolina
Joy Gioia rabbit rescuer and wildlife rehabilitator of 27 years saving over 7,000 rabbits, president Missouri House Rabbit Rescue (St. Louis,) BOD Saving Rabbits, and
Brooke Higgins, M.D. plus other long time rabbit rescue contributors. Susan Brown, DVM, and  Linda Beisswenger, DVM, will participate in Q&A session. After the workshop, attendees
are invited for a tour of the 4-acre, 6,600 sq. foot facility of Missouri House Rabbit Rescue nearby in Fenton. Besides touring one of the largest rescues in the country, attendees are welcome to shop in the extensive Bun Fun store with several aisles of high-quality rabbit supplies and bunny items for people. Purchases are tax exempt.

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Download the schedule here.

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