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Matching Grant

For Giving Tuesday, please help bunnies like Ogdin, who was tossed outside to die, and Vinney who was brought into us with a broken leg so badly damaged and necrotic that an emergency amputation was required.  Our volunteer rescue team went out and caught Ogdin and his sister.  Vinney is in recovery with our veterinarian.  Many tripod bunnies are able to have wonderful and active lives, so we hope to find that special home for Vinnie and for all of the bunnies in our shelter waiting for the right person or family.   


Donations will help with our medical bills and our match for doubling your donation is available until Dec. 31st.  Annual veterinary costs for the many bunnies abandoned and surrendered run between $70,000 - $90,000 for us per year.  Helping us help them and then finding them their forever homes is greatly appreciated.  We are celebrating 26 years in the metro St. Louis area and surrounding regions of eastern Missouri and southern Illinois. We are also still a 100% volunteer organization from President to sweeping floors so every penny donated goes directly towards the care of the bunnies at MO HRS.  THANK YOU!   

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