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   December Happenings  

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree Oh How Our Bunnies Love You!

Nymeria, adopted bun of Eric and Diedra Taylor
of O'Fallon, IL and bondmate of Gallahad

   Mica, adopted bun of Woody and Kristy Pride
  of St. Louis and bondmate of Sigourney

Oreo, the bunny of Rick and Tina Goforth of Highland, Illinois

Click here to see Oreo's video:  Oreo.MOV
2.7 MB

Cute photo but we all know that cookies will give a bunny tummy troubles, right?

Besides "people food," keep all these things out of the reach of bunnies and other pets:

  • The Christmas tree and its water basin
  • Plants and greenery. Many plants will harm or kill bunnies, including holly, ivy, mistletoe and its berries
  • Tinsel and garland, potpourri, extension cords, light wires
  • Wrapping paper, ribbon, tape
  • Candles and fireplaces
  • Gingerbread houses

       Let your guests and their children know the rules: Bunny must not be picked up or
       handled without your permission and supervision.

   We wish you a truly bunderful and hoppy holiday season!

                                                                                                                                                                          Gifts for People, Bunnies and Other Pets

You can still get our 2016 bunny calendar mailed to you for Christmas, and a variety of gift items
from our online store,
including baked and dehydrated treats, oat/granola mix, botanicals such as thyme and rosemary leaves, and the Hair Buster Grooming Comb. Simply click here:  
Select Bunny Shop from the menu on the left side of the home page. Holiday sale prices apply now.
(I always order a spare calendar or two for the inevitable persons who show up with an unexpected gift for me.)


Progress on Elaine's Garden on our shelter property

Thank You from Nancy Newcomer: "So many have been involved in this project and its many phases including design and planning, clearing invasives, building brush piles, seed collecting, planting perennials, planting trees, watering through the month of no rain, spreading rabbit litter over the wildlife islands and finally seeding. I certainly couldn't have done it without you!

"Pictured above are members of Lafayette High School's Key Club who enthusiastically did the seeding and stomping of a variety of a native seeds into our wildlife islands, including the black-eyed-susan seeds that Mary Claire Kofran collected for us."  Nancy Newcomer 


Temporary Foster Homes Needed Between Friday, Dec. 18 and Saturday, Jan. 2

Our lovely boarding room can accommodate 14 sets of boarders but we have many members heading out of town for the holidays. If you can house one of our shelter buns to make room for a boarder, please tell Joy:
Driving on I-44 west?  If you will pass Waynesville, near Fort Leonard Wood, we would like to send along hay for member who lives in Waynesville and she can meet you at the exit. Contact Pat Daly:

Driving to Danville, IL?  If you are heading there, we would like to send along a package for a member who lives there. Contact Pat Daly:

End-Of-The-Year, Tax-Deductible Giving
Our Tilt campaign makes it ridiculously easy to donate.

Click here:

There is no fee if you donate with a debit card. There is a 3% fee with a credit card. Evey penny of your contribution goes to the care of our rescues. Higgins is one we took in after he was turned loose by an uncaring owner. He had a fist-sized tumor on his back likely caused by a mosquito bite. It would have killed him but we paid for surgery to remove it and he appears to be on his way to a full recovery and the chance for a forever home with a family that will love him.

Community Outreach
If you can help with these events which attract people interested in pet bunnies,
contact Marjorie Manahan: 636-734-3964 or

PetSmart adoption events

Saturday, Dec. 19, 11am - 4pm, 62 Brentwood Promenade Ct., Brentwood

Sunday, Dec. 27, 11am - 4pm, 262 THF Blvd., Chesterfield

Petco adoption events
Sunday, Dec. 27, noon - 4pm, 12519 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur

Happenings Author: Pat Daly, volunteer and educator
For the address and hours of our Fenton shelter, contact me:
Please send me items you want to contribute to the newsletter.
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