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November Happenings
What Kind Of Bunny Am I?

Our shelter had never received a bunny like this until Arabella. She had been abandoned in a rural area and was smart enough to know she wouldn't survive. She headed to a cluster of homes, chose one, hopped onto the porch and made her presence known by making noise at the door. When it was opened, she hopped in and made herself at home - to the astonishment of the occupants.

Their dog reacted in a threatening manner and the homeowners had no idea what to do with the rabbit so they called us and Chapter Manager Joy Gioia responded. "It was a hot day in August when I arrived and Arabella was sprawled over the air-conditioning vent and enjoying pets from the 4-year-old daughter," Joy said.

Arabella is a Belgian Hare, which is not a true hare, but bred to look like one - long, slender body, arched back and long, "spoon-shaped" ears. Adults weigh 6-9 pounds but seem larger due to their long limbs.

Belgians are one of the most energetic breeds and need a large space to run and play. They are highly intelligent and require lots of mental stimulation to challenge their intellects. Arabella is about a year old and charms everyone who meets her because she craves attention. She will require a special human who can meet her needs.

Belgian Hares were first bred, not surprisingly, in Belgium. They became popular in America in the late 1800s and became known as "the poor man's racehorse."

 New Pain Relief For Arthritic Buns

1. Gabapentin (neurontin): Our 10-year-old Californian, Hutch, is sadly showing his age with decreased appetite, weight loss, reduced kidney function and reduced activity due to arthritis. We have been giving Consequin to our senior buns for a long time but, a month ago, Hutch stopped making the effort to use his litter box, even the low-lipped box in the photo. We conferred with our vet who suggested we try Gabapentin to relieve Hutch's pain - and it helped! Hutch is using his litter box again and is on his feet more than before. Gabapentin is a liquid, prescription drug, given by syringe.

2. Myristol For Rabbits: We are offering this pelleted product for joint health in our shelter store. It contains cetyl myristoleate, hydrolyzed collagen, glucosamine and MSM, and Joy says it's proven effective for bunnies with arthritis. A jar costs $25 and will last 150 days for a 10-pound rabbit; 300 days for a five-pound rabbit.

Also This Month: The St. Louis Pet Expo on Saturday, Nov. 14 and Sunday, Nov. 15,
at the St. Charles (MO) Convention Center. Free admission and parking.
Hours: Sat 10-6; Sun 11-4

We will offer Pet Photos with Santa and toys for cats, birds and bunnies at our booth in the conference area, and we will have an adoption booth in the "Mega Adoption Area" in the hallway next to the conference area.

Because this is a two-day event, we are eager for volunteers who can help us during the times below: If you can help, please contact Joy:  Type Pet Expo as the subject.  Thank you!

Set-up on Friday, Nov. 13, noon to 6pm (or any portion of that time)

Saturday, Nov. 14, 10am to 6pm (or 10am-2pm or 2-6pm)

Sunday, Nov. 15, 11am to 5pm (or 11am-2pm; 2-5pm)

Free Giving With The Schnucks eScrip Card: Schnucks deposited $139 in our chapter's bank account in July because so many of you are showing the eScript card. I carry it on my key ring, show it to the checker, and 1% of my grocery bill is automatically donated to our chapter. Schnucks donates; I pay nothing extra.

You will find free eScrip cards on the customer service counter. Take one and call 1-800-931-6258. Tell the person who ans
wers that you are activating the card to benefit the House Rabbit Society of Missouri, Group ID number 500 00 5368. Then show your card to the checker when you buy groceries. It's that simple!

A member told us she uses an eScrip card that donates to us when she goes to a restaurant. Click here for information on the dining program:


Free Giving with AmazonSmile: Bill and I make our Amazon purchases through AmazonSmile, the donation gateway, and our chapter gets a donation of 0.5% of our purchase. It adds up: Last year, AmazonSmile gave our chapter $550. It is super-simple.
                    Here is what to do:
                1)  Go to
              2)  You can use the same account number that you use for
3)  Select House Rabbit Society of Missouri as your charity.
             4)  Always go through It will remember your charity.

Paw Notes and Requests

Would you like to become more bunny-knowledgeable? Our Bunny Expo in June caught us off-guard because we didn't have enough educated volunteers to answer the questions of the many new visitors who came to learn how to care for their rabbits. We want to be better-prepared for the next Expo. After the holidays, would you like to participate in a study group and we can all become better educated together? If you are interested in participating, send a message to Pat Daly: Type study as your subject.

Alarm Clock
We need an old-fashioned alarm clock - a brass one with two bells on top - for a photo shoot for the next calendar. If you have one that we can borrow, send a message to Susan Ruby: Type clock as your subject.The height of the clock and a photo would be helpful.

Men's 3X Clothing: If you have 3X t-shirts or elastic-waist pants that are ready to be recycled, our disabled member will be happy to have them, no matter how faded. You can put them in a bag marked for Pat Daly and leave them at the shelter.

Did you know that Whole Foods has decided to stop selling rabbit meat? You will not see rabbit meat in our local Whole Foods markets beginning January 1. Whole Foods said its decision was based on poor demand, but we suspect the plethora of petitions from bunny lovers across the country influenced the decision - and we rejoice.

Driving to Danville, IL? If you are heading there, we would like to send along a package for a member who lives there.

Storage Unit For Sale:
This is a super-sturdy, commercial-grade Rubbermaid unit. We bought it us
ed for $100 and thought we would use it for bunny grooming or supplies, but it turns out we don't have room for it. We will sell for $65. Contact Pat Daly:

Fun Videos That Will Make You Smile

November Meetings
Our meetings are free and open to the public.

St. Louis: 7:30pm Tuesday, November 17. Bring your bunny, a towel for your table and a bunny snack. We will do nail trims and sell supplies. We meet at the Humane Society of Missouri, 1201 Macklind Ave., one stoplight west of the St. Louis Science Center.

O'Fallon, IL: No Meeting This Month. Our next meeting is 7pm Thursday, December 17. Bring your bunny, a towel for your table and a bunny snack. We will do nail trims and sell supplies. We meet in the Caseyville Township Building, 10001 Bunkum Road, Fairview Heights.

Community Outreach
If you can help with these events which attract people interested in pet bunnies,
contact Marjorie Manahan: 636-734-3964 or

PetSmart adoption events - on Saturdays

Saturday, Nov. 14, 11am - 4pm, 13957 Manchester Rd., Ballwin

Saturday, Nov. 21, 11am - 4pm, 62 Brentwood Promenade Ct., Brentwood
Saturday, Nov. 28, 11am - 4pm, 262 THF Blvd., Chesterfield

Petco adoption events - on Sundays
Sunday, Nov. 8, noon - 4pm, 2435 N. Hwy. 67, Florissant
Sunday, Nov. 22, noon - 4pm, 8404 Eager Rd., Brentwood

Happenings Author: Pat Daly, volunteer and educator
For the address and directions to our Fenton shelter, contact me:
Please send me items you want to contribute to the newsletter.
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