The Missouri House Rabbit Society
February Happenings
At the top of their worlds! 
Buggs enjoys the window view from the tower he shares with the family cats. 
Tanzania surveys his kingdom from the roof of his castle.

If you want your bunny to have a penthouse view, we sell this Vacation Villa from Leith Petwerks for $19. The villa has a mid-level with windows and a rooftop level.

Also in our shelter store:  Rugs are back! The gaily-striped rugs perfectly fit a 48-inch-long dog crate and, with one end folded under, work well for a 42-inch crate.  The rugs are 100% cotton so the fibers won't harm your bunny if chewed. 
A rabbit can digest cotton, but not synthetics.  Synthetic fibers can cause a deadly blockage in their guts.  Our cotton rugs are $14.  Thank you, Ralph Wiechert, for ordering them, folding them and stacking them in our store.

Also in our shelter store: 
A bunny handbook!  It welcomes you to our chapter with a list of our services and our recommendations for everything your bunny needs to be healthy and happy.  You will learn what kind of cage a bunny should have, the litter box, the type of litter, the type of hay and pellets, emergency instructions telling you what you must do when your bunny refuses to eat, and so much more.  The 15-page book is available for $5 in the store, or ask Pat Daly to email it to you:  Type "Book" as the subject.

Shelter and Store Hours
7pm to 9pm Monday through Friday
9am to 4pm Saturday
1pm to 4pm Sunday

Our shelter is not open to the public.  Our permit only allows members and persons who come for education.
You must be a member whose dues are current to shop in our store.
Membership is $20/year and can be paid at the shelter.
Our first-time adopters and Humane Society adopters receive a free one-year membership but
you must get a membership card from Marjorie Manahan:

Our Valentine To You!  Save on Adoptions This Month!

                                        Adopt a bunny for $50 (reg $85).  Save $35

                                    Adopt a pair or trio for $50 (reg. $125). Save $75
                                    Adopt your foster bunny for free.

Contact Marjorie Manahan at 636-734-3964 or 

Elder Bunny - A Couch Potato No Longer:  When Keegan turned eight, he began slowing down, not doing his normal Indy 500s around the living room, not jumping on the couch (his favorite place to chill), not doing binkies, not doing much of anything except lying on his rug in front of the fireplace.  "Then, he started leaving us little poops everywhere.  That was a change because Keegan had always been excellent with his litter box habits, running back to his cage whenever he had to "go," said Vickie Loveall who, with her husband Doug, adopted Keegan in 2009.  Her veterinarian put Keegan on Cosequin but it didn't seem to help.  It was suggested that a low dose of meloxicam (brand names: Metacam® and Meloxidyl®) might be helpful.

"After about a week on Metacam, Keegan started moving around a bit more.  Then, he jumped on the couch - for the first time in ove
r a year!  We were so happy; we were dancing around the family room.  We've seen him doing little binkies (the airborne "happy dance" that bunnies do) and he just seems to move around better overall."

Meloxicam is a prescription medicine for pain relief.  Warning: It should never be given to a bunny without the approval of a rabbit-knowledgeable veterinarian who has given the bun a complete blood workup to assess whether his organs are functioning well enough to handle meloxicam.  It can kill a bunny with poor kidney function.

Along with Metacam, Keegan is receiving Cosequin in the hope of giving him maximum relief from arthritis.  Cosequin for horses is safe for all bunnies.  It is a powder and a dose is 1/8 teaspoon daily is safe for any bunny.  (My older buns get 1/8 teaspoon on a thin, half slice of banana in the morning.)
Question for Scooter, The Bunny Editor

Judy Jauer writes:
  "Middy has decided it is so much fun to scratch most of her litter material out of the box in the morning before we get up.  What a mess!  Is there anything we can do?"

Scooter replies:  "Digging is such fun for us.  It's an activity that was purposeful when our European forefathers dug burrows underground for us to live in.  Middy can be stopped from from digging in her litter box by sinking a grid in the litter.  You can find cookie racks at dollar stores that may fit your litter box.  If you have a bus tub from Sam's (it is grey and sold in a two-pack for about $13), we sell a 14-inch-square grid in our store that perfectly fits it.  That size grid is too big for any other litter box. 

"That will resolve your problem, but might we suggest you give Middy the opportunity to indulge her desire to dig?  You could give her a container filled with wads of paper.  One of our bunny parents purchased moving paper at a Mayflower depot and a doggie swimming pool at PetSmart.  She fills the pool with wads of paper to delight her bunnies.

A member had sent us this video.  Looks like fun but we suggest you use shorter strips of paper.  A long strand can get tangled around a paw and cut circulation.

Woman seeks long-term foster placement for her bonded pair:  Tiffany Fry of Edwardsville wants to join the Peace Corps but, before she applies, she wants to arrange a foster placement for her two Angora rabbits, Mister and Agnes, aged 6 and 5.  The Peace Corps is a 2 year, 3 month commitment.  The application process may take 7 months to a year so the foster home placement would not take place until after her application is accepted.

Mister and Agnes need a home environment because they have free roam of Tiffany's living room and are never caged.  Tiffany would cover all costs for the rabbits' care: food, hay
, litter, cord covers, etc.  The bunnies would come with their litter box, food and water bowls, etc.  Tiffany also would compensate the foster parents for their care and she would cover their vet expenses at Hope Animal Hospital in Fenton. 

If you are interested, send a message to Pat Daly: and she will put you in touch with Tiffany.

 Agnes (left) and Mister
Bunny Transport to Minneapolis:  Bunnies are very popular family pets in Minnesota and their popularity is reflected in the large numbers of bunnies placed for adoption by the Animal Humane Society of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Rabbit Companion Society.  Both organizations had space so, on January 26, we delivered 35 of our adoptable rabbits to them in a heated, state-of-the-art transport vehicle owned by the Humane Society of Missouri, St. Louis.  The society generously offered the vehicle at no charge and Mike Perkins, head of the Humane Society's Animal Cruelty Task Force, kindly offered to be the driver.

Preparations:  Paperwork had to accompany each bunny and Dr. Linda Beisswenger of Hope Animal Hospital came to our shelter on Sunday to give each bunny a health exam.  When Mike Perkins arrived at our shelter at 5:45 a.m. Monday, our volunteers were ready: They placed towels in the kennels, then the bunnies.  Each kennel got a name tag, a bowl of water and handfuls of hay and parsley.  The transport departed at 7am, followed by Joy Gioia, our chapter manager, Judy Jauer and Pat Daly in Joy's vehicle.  We arrived 10 hours later at the Animal Humane Society and the unloading began.  Volunteers of the Minnesota Rabbit Companion Society took 11 buns in their vehicles for delivery that evening to private foster homes and staffers with the Animal Humane Society placed the remaining 24 bunnies in their rabbit habitat.  Here are photos at our destination, The Animal Humane Society in Minneapolis:
We spotted this window sign on a saloon in Stillwater, Minnesota.


St. Louis - 7:30pm Tuesday, Feb. 17:  Join us in the lecture hall of the Humane Society of Missouri, 1201 Macklind Avenue, one stoplight west of the St. Louis Science Center.  Bring your bunny for a nail trim and bring a towel so bunny can relax on your table, and a bunny snack.  We will have hay and supplies to sell.

O'Fallon, IL - 7pm Thursday, Feb. 26:  New meeting location!  Join us at the Caseyville Township Building, 10001 Bunkum Road, Fairview Heights.  We will review the basic needs of a bunny.  Bring your bunny for a nail trim and bring a towel so bunny can relax on your table, and a bunny snack.  We will have hay and supplies to sell.

Adoption Events
  We will be staffing these adoption events and encouraging people to consider a bunny for a pet.  If you can help at any of these events, please tell Marjorie Manahan: or call 636-734-3964.

PetSmart adoption events - on Saturdays:
Saturday, Feb. 14, 11-4pm, Manchester Road in Ballwin
Saturday, Feb. 21, 11-4pm, Brentwood Promenade
Saturday, Feb. 28, 11-4pm, THF Blvd. in Chesterfield

PETCO adoption event - on Sundays:
Sunday, Feb. 22, noon-4pm, Olive Blvd. in Creve Coeur

Saturday, April 4 Outreach Events:  We are inviting the public to meet and learn about bunnies and we need volunteers to supervise at two locations: Fenton City Park and Brentwood Boulevard near the Galleria.  This is the Saturday before Easter (April 5) and a perfect time to discourage buying bunnies for Easter gifts.  If you can help, please contact Marjorie Manahan:

Sunday, May 3, our first 5K Run: Save the date and join us to run or walk in the "Hare and Tortoise" which will start and end in Fenton City Park, following a scenic route along the river.  Details to follow in the next newsletter.


Shelter Help Needed Sunday - this Sunday, Feb. 15
Please contact Joy:

Shelter Help Needed In The Mornings of Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: The bunnies need their water bowls topped off and fresh hay.  If you are available any of these mornings, please contact Joy:

Data Entry:  Can you help?  We want to do a free trial of a program called Volgistics because we think it will help us tremendously in scheduling volunteers for the shelter.  I visited my friend and fellow bunny parent in Ventura, CA and we cleaned bunny cages at her shelter.  When we arrived, she went to the computer and logged into the Volgistics program.  She could leave messages for fellow volunteers alerting them to her upcoming vacation or a bunny who isn't eating.  I've done the Volgistics tutorials and I was impressed.  But we need help entering volunteer profiles into the Volgistics program.  Some of you had offered assistance with data entry, but we don't remember who offered.  If you can help, please contact Pat Daly:   Type Volgistics as the subject.

Garage Project / Civil Engineer:  Do you know a registered engineer? We have done a lot of research, getting bids and preparing what we need for permits.  1) We would like a civil engineer to look at the site that we are considering for the new, detached garage and give us an opinion; 2) The county requires that we produce a site plan from a registered engineer.  Contact Joy:  Type Engineer as the subject.

Seeking Suggestions for a Venue:  We would like to do a spaghetti dinner this year.  Joy has done some checking but hasn't found a place large enough and with a kitchen.  Do you have any ideas?  Send them to Bobbie Shewmaker:

Pillowcases:  We have shelves to put in the bunnies' cages but we need old pillowcases to slip on the shelves for a non-slip surface - and we need lots of them.  Could you contact institutions in your area, such as senior care facilities, and ask what they do with their used pillowcases?  If you collect any, please leave them at the shelter in a bag marked for Pat Daly.  If there are places you want me to contact, let me know:

Paw Notes

You have an opportunity to persuade a district attorney to do the right thing for rabbits rescued in Alabama and give them to rescue groups, not a breeder where they will face one of two fates: breeding or death.

The facts from Margo DeMello, president of the House Rabbit Society:
"Dear friends, 
Over 170 rabbits were seized in an animal cruelty case on January 30 in Lauderdale County, AL. The horses,llamas, donkeys, cats, dogs, bird, chickens, mice, and hamsters are all being placed with rescue groups. The rabbits, however, were sent to a local rabbit breeder and ARBA judge until the animals are legally surrendered by the owners. The breeder, Andy High, is also the Lauderdale County coroner; if you visit his Facebook page, you'll see that one of the groups he belongs to is Carnivore Feed Supplier. Graphic pictures on that page show skinned rabbits for sale.

"Our Alabama educator is pleading with District Attorney Chris Connolly to release the rabbits to the local shelter so the rabbits can go to rescue groups. We want to save these rabbits - not see a breeder profit from them!  Please call the Lauderdale District Attorney's office at 256-764-6351 or send an email to and encourage him to do the right thing for these bunnies. It does not seem right for another breeder to profit from seized animals from a
cruelty case. Thank you!"

Note from JoyYou should make your plea to Mr. Connolly as a concerned citizen with no mention of the House Rabbit Society.  For details of the confiscation:

Happenings Author: Pat Daly, volunteer and educator
Share your stories, photos, videos, questions for Scooter with Pat:

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