The Missouri House Rabbit Society
June Happenings

This Sunday! You and your bunnies are invited to the
Bunny Expo
11am to 4pm, Sunday, June 14

Humane Society of Missouri, 1201 Macklind Avenue, St. Louis.
Free admission. Free parking.

For Your Convenience: Bunny Wellness Exams, Noon to 2pm
by Dr. Linda Beisswenger of Hope Animal Hospital, $49 
If your bunny has not had a health check in a year, he is overdue!

Also featuring
FREE Nail Trims In The Bunny Spa ~ Bunny & Family Photos ~ Everything A Bunny Needs ~ Hay, Litter, Food, Treats ~ Huge Variety Of Toys, Castles, Tunnels Demonstrations and Exhibits ~ Adoptable Bunnies ~ Children's Activities 
Free T-Shirt Orders Taken With Memberships ~ Bunny Tees 
Cotton Cage Pads And Rugs
~ Jewelry and Thirty-One Gift Booths
~ Prize Drawings

We Still Need Volunteers For Expo Weekend
Can you help us with the following? Please contact Bobbie Shewmaker today:
a) shelter help to clean bunny cages Friday and Saturday
b) set up the Expo 2-5pm Saturday
b) break down the Expo at 4pm Sunday (arrive at 3:45)

Our shelter will be closed Sunday, June 14 so our volunteers can attend the Expo.

Feeding Jasper
When Jasper was ill and not eating enough on his own, my vet told me to supplement
with Critical Care, a finely-ground timothy hay product with lots of nutrients. The old method of syringe-feeding called for constraining the bunny in a "burrito" wrap and holding him in your lap like an infant. But the table method is the new standard
; it is
less stressful for the bunny and, with
bunny upright, there is less risk of liquid entering his airway.

I use a bath mat topped with a towel so Jasper has a non-slip surface.

I use a 10ml Monoject-brand syringe. I once bought a pack of BD-brand syringes from a pharmacist but they were worthless because they clogged.

Instructions say to dilute 1 part Critical Care with 2 parts warm water but I dilute 1 part Critical Care with 3 parts water. That makes it easier for bunny to swallow. I don't want to give him a chewy glob.

I place the tip of the syringe in the side of Jasper's mouth where there is an opening between the front and back teeth.  (I don't squirt in the front because it might enter his airway.)

It takes just a small amount of Critical Care to make enough for a feeding, and my bunnies prefer the taste of a fresh batch with every feeding. Do not keep a batch in the refrigerator for more than 24 hours because it becomes toxic. Sadly, a bunny died because a member did not know this.

Note: A 10ml Monoject feeding syringe is included in our Bunny Emergency Kit. You can buy a kit at the Bunny Expo for $23.

An advantage to the table method: Jasper took a long time to eat. With each mouthful, he hopped off to explore the clutter on the table. He took so long that I was able to finish a crossword puzzle in an evening feeding.

Scooter, the Bunny Editor

Carol asks Scooter: "My bunny likes to lie in his litter box. Is that bad for him?"

Scooter Replies: "Many bunnies like to stretch out in their litter boxes and it is not harmful. That's why bunnies should have litter boxes big enough for them to recline. I lie in my litter box occasionally but my owner gave me an additional box to use as a bed. I'm a big bunny so my
 owner gave me a bus tub from Sam's and made it soft and cozy with a comforter. I also have a cardboard box, so I have three choices where I can hide and feel safe when I snooze."

Bill asks: "Is it OK to give grass clippings to my bunny?

Scooter: "Absolutely not! Cut grass becomes toxic after 24 hours with deadly results."

June 30 is the deadline to get this T-shirt free with membership

This tee is FREE with a $20 new or renewed membership and you may order additional tees for $10. Membership is required for our foster parents.  If you adopted from us or the Humane Society, you received a year's free membership but it does not include a free tee.  You may purchase a tee for $10. Your shirt will be available in August.

You may pay for membership and order your tee at:
Sunday's Bunny Expo
Our shelter in Fenton,
By Paypal on our website: HRSMOSTL.ORG
Our meetings in St. Louis and O'Fallon, IL
Or mail your order form and payment to the shelter.  Click on this link to print the order form, fill it out and mail with your check:
33.0 KB

Getting Acquainted With A New Bunny
(video link below) It typically takes a bunny a couple of weeks to become comfortable in a new home and it is best not to force the relationship. When he first arrives, give him a cardboard box (with two exit holes) and give him solo time for a day or two. Then set up an exercise pen and sit inside with the bunny. Keep your hands to yourself; allow the bunny to approach on his own without being forced. If the bunny permits a pet, give him a tiny bit of carrot. Practice this procedure until the bunny is completely comfortable with being petted.

We received this video from adopter Amanda Hallock after she adopted Skeeter, a French Angora that had been dumped in the woods "to live in the wild" shortly after Easter. Skeeter had not been well cared for; his coat was so matted that it took multiple sessions to get him trimmed.

As Amanda's video shows, even bunnies who were mistreated can learn that some humans can be trusted, that petting is a nice thing and that a human home can be a nice place to live.  To watch
her video, click here:
Amanda Hallock | Facebook       

June Meetings
Our meetings are free and open to the public.

St. Louis: 7:30pm Tuesday, June 16. Join us for a potluck, obstacle course, and agility demonstration. Please bring something to share for the potluck. We meet in the Humane Society, 1201 Macklind, one block west of the St. Louis Science Center. Bring a towel so bunny can relax on your table and a bit of hay or greens for a snack. We will do nail trims and sell hay and supplies.

The "Free Tee With Membership" campaign ends June 30. You can still get your free tee if you become a member at this meeting.

O'Fallon, IL: 7pm Thursday, June 25. Annual Bunny Races. Bring your bunny to race for prizes. You can bring any item that will entice your bunny to the finish line. We meet in the Caseyville Township Building, 10001 Bunkum Road, Fairview Heights. We will do nail trims and sell supplies. Bring a towel so bunny can relax on your table and a bit of hay or greens for a snack.

The "Free Tee With Membership" campaign ends June 30; you can still get your free tee if you become a member at this meeting. 
Questions? Contact Pat Daly:

  Barbeque at Hope Animal Hospital Saturday, June 20, 11am -3pm.
This is always a fun event with good food
and raffle prizes, and Hope uses the proceeds to treat orphaned pets. Brats, burgers, hotdogs, turkey and veggie burgers, sides, soda - and homemade desserts made by our member Maggie Perez.

Address: Hope Animal Hospital, 300 Biltmore, Fenton, Mo 63026.
(I-44, exit on Hwy. 30, pass Hwy. 141 / Gravois Bluffs, left on Northwest,
immediate right, then left into the complex with Chuck's Boots.)
Community Outreach
If you can help with these events which draw people interested in pet bunnies,
contact Marjorie Manahan: 636-734-3964 or

PetSmart adoption events - on Saturdays

Saturday, June 20, 11am - 4pm, Brentwood

Saturday, June 27, 11am - 4pm, Chesterfield

Petco adoption events - on Sundays

Sunday, June 28, noon - 4pm, Creve Coeur

Paw Notes and Requests

Excel spreadsheet: Can someone to create an Excel spreadsheet for us in July. We will provide the data. Please contact Pat Daly:

Garage Update: Plans are progressing. We have a few cost estimates to pin down before we present the plan to you in Happenings.

Lottery Tickets: We collect used, Missouri scratch-off cards and use them to earn points to buy supplies for our shelter. You can bring them to our shelter or our meetings. Thank you!

Our Facebook Page: We've been posting photos of the new babies in the shelter born to pregnant females that we rescued. Little cuties - and lots of them!

Happenings Author: Pat Daly, volunteer and educator
For the address and directions to our Fenton shelter, contact me:
Please send me items you want to contribute to the newsletter.
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