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August Happenings

Our new calendar features adorable babies, an education page and sponsor coupons!
The calendar is purposeful and inexpensive so consider buying extras for holiday gifts for teachers,
friends, gift exchanges.
(My hair stylist looks forward to her bunny calendar and displays it in her shop.)
We price the calendar at $12.

Here's where to buy calendars:

Use PayPal on our website:
 The Bunny House, our Fenton shelter;
Our St. Louis and O'Fallon, IL meetings;
These merchants: The White Rabbit, O.K. Hatchery, Westwood Auto, Arch Pet,
Hope Animal Hospital, Creve Coeur Animal Hospital;
These online merchants: The Busy Bunny, American Pet Diner, Leith Petwerks and Small Pet Select.

The calendar exists because these members donate their time to create it:

Susan Ruby is chairman; husband Mike Ruby assists;
Katie Mosher creates the sets and takes the photos; her husband Mike Garavaglia assists;
Beth Marti-Maxwell writes bunny bios;
Melissa and Mike Katich assist photo shoots;
Pat Daly recruits sponsors.

Thank you for supporting the bunnies with your purchase!

Solution To A Feeding Dilemma
My elder bunny Hutch (the dark-eared Californian) had been gradually losing weight, going from 10 pounds in 2011 to seven pounds this spring. One always has to suspect cancer with weight loss, but Dr. Linda Beisswenger of Hope Animal Hospital did not suspect cancer when she examined Hutch for his wellness exam. Yet she warned that he had gotten too thin and needed a higher-fat diet.

Hutch and his mate, Regina, share 1/2 cup of ZuPreem (a nutritious timothy-hay pellet) to which I add a sprinkle of Kaytee Rainbow Exact, a higher-fat pellet. Regina is fine at 8.5 pounds so I had to find a way to feed Hutch separately with Rainbow Exact. I joined grid panels with zip-ties and placed the fence in their floor pen so Hutch could eat without interference. Regina wants to snatch some Exact pellets for herself so I clip the fence to the pen. When Hutch has finished his Exact, I remove the grid fence. (I'm a softie so I give Regina a sprinkle of Exact so she doesn't feel deprived.)

Scooter, the Bunny Editor
Sandie laments: "My bunny has her own room with lots of playthings and chew toys but she has chewed a hole in the drywall. I tried your trick of rubbing a dry bar of Ivory soap on the spot but it doesn't deter her at all. What can I do?  Help, please!

Lisa writes: "My bunny is nibbling on my kitchen cabinets. I rubbed them with Ivory soap but she just licks it and continues nibbling. Help!

Scooter Replies:
"Sadly, Ivory soap doesn't deter all bunnies and the bitter-apple spray sold in stores doesn't work at all. The only thing I can suggest is a barrier. I know a bunny owner who placed wire grids along the entire perimeter of a bedroom because her bunny was chewing the drywall - and it worked. You can get wire grids from  Search "Stor wire storage cubes." I like the Stor brand because the openings in the grids are small. Some brands have boxes that combine grids with small openings and grids with large openings."

Five Things Every Bunny Parent Must Have Handy
  heating pad
  infant gas drops
81mg orange-flavored Bayer aspirin
1ml syringe (same as 1cc syringe)
thermometer, flexible-tip, quick-read

If you have these items, you can often save your bunny's life.
When a bunny refuses food, he is not feeling well. This is a deadly situation; you must act immediately. Pain leads to temperature loss, shock and death. Our Bunny Emergency Kit contains our emergency instructions or request a copy from Pat Daly:

True or False: A bunny's normal temperature is 101-103º although dwarf buns often run lower. A temp under 99º
indicates bunny is heading toward shock and a temp over 103º indicates infection. 
Is this statement true or false: Feeling a bunny's ears will give you an idea of his temperature.

FALSE: Ears are no indication of temperature. A thermometer inserted into the rectum is the only way.

The next time you visit your vet, take a quick-read, flexible-tip thermometer and ask him to show you how to use it. Then practice at home so you can manage in an emergency. I realize this is intimidating, and bunnies will resist, but it is a good thing to know. Read on...

Nicky Gets A Tummy Ache: One evening, I found Nicky lying on his side in his cage, lethargic. I offered him a treat - no reaction. His temp was an alarming 94.6º. I immediately put him on my lap on a heating pad. As he was warming, I gave him gas drops and aspirin. He spent an hour on the pad before he got perky and wanted off. His temperature had returned to normal and he accepted some parsley. If I had not noticed Nicky's condition that evening, he would have been dead by morning. I gave him another dose of gas drops and aspirin in the morning and continued to treat him until I saw him eating  with enthusiasm and presenting me with normal poops.

If you can't use a the
rmometer, just go ahead and place bunny on a heating pad on your lap. He will let you know if he needs it. I place a towel on my lap and a towel on top of the heating pad. I set my pad on medium but I keep feeling it to make sure it is not getting too hot because a bunny's skin is delicate and will burn. If bunny doesn't think he needs heat, he will want to get off the heating pad; let him. He may have an infection and high temperature.

A emergency vet visit should always be considered when a bun rejects food because our ER protocol doesn't always deliver a quick recovery. The vet ca
n do things you can't: sub-q fluids and heavy-duty pain meds are very helpful to a bun's recovery.

Words of Wisdom from Joy Gioia, our chapter manager

"This month, I want to remind everyone how truly important it is to take your bunny for a health exam every six months.
When was the last time your bunny had one?  If more than six months, please make an appointment today
It is your duty as a responsible pet owner.

"Even if your bunny appears healthy to you, something can be going on that will turn into a major and costly emergency. When I give orientations to new adopters, I show an x-ray of a bunny that had to be euthanized because a simple problem became deadly. Had that bunny received a six-month exam, she could have been easily treated and had a healthy life. Because she wasn't taken in until she was very ill, the damage was so extreme that there was no hope and no cure.

"I show a photo of another bunny who suffered from a huge and painful molar spur. It could
have been easily fixed if only the poor bunny had received a check-up. Because it went untreated, the rest of his teeth became permanently misaligned."

Health exams cost only about $50 at the rabbit-experienced vet clinics we recommend. See the list on

August Meetings
Our meetings are free and open to the public.

St. Louis: 7:30pm Tuesday, August  18. The topic is: "Bunny Secrets of Sight, Sound and Smell - Fascinating Insights Into Their Senses." Bring your bunny, a towel for your table and a bunny snack. We will do nail trims and sell supplies. Please pick up the Member Tees that you ordered. We meet at the Humane Society of Missouri, 1201 Macklind Ave., one stoplight west of the St. Louis Science Center.

O'Fallon, IL: 7pm Thursday, August 27. Our topic is "Developing A Relationship With Your Bunny." You will have the opportunity to practice techniques so bring your bunny, a towel for your table and a bunny snack.  We will do nail trims and sell supplies. Please pick up the Member Tees that you ordered. We meet in the Caseyville Township Building, 10001 Bunkum Road, Fairview Heights.

Paw Notes

Message to Foster Parents: You may wish to call your foster bunny by a name different than the name he had in the shelter but you must remember his shelter name because Hope Animal Hospital has him listed by his shelter name. If your bunny goes to the vet and you don't know his shelter name, Hope will not be able to locate his medical records. This will put your bunny at a disadvantage because the vet will not know his medical history.

Another Message To Foster Parents: Our member Rennie Bodien is updating the record of our bunnies in foster care and needs your help. Would you please send her a message listing your fosters with their original shelter names? Send message to:  Thank you!

Goodies In Our Online Store: Have you checked out the bunny treats on our website:  So far, I've tried the dehydrated carrots, dehydrated cranberries and dehydrated red bell peppers. All my bunnies loved the carrots and cranberries and most liked the peppers.

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Will you help us with our annual shelter cleaning on Saturday, Sept. 19

This is a huge undertaking. We place the bunnies in carriers and carry the cages outside for power washing. We clean the shelter and move the cages back in.
We need lots of people with upper-body strength!
We also need people for the easy jobs: place bunnies in carriers, label the carriers, towel dry the cages,
do laundry, wash bowls and prepare the cages for the bunnies.
We provide sub sandwiches and beverages.

Please tell Bobbie Shewmaker that you can help in the morning or the afternoon, or both.
Send her a message with your cell number to

Graphic Artist neeeded to create a flyer

We need a flyer to promote a bingo night fundraiser that we are planning for March.
If you can create the flyer, please contact Pat Daly:

Would you like to participate in the planning for a special event?

Did you like the movie "Princess Bride"?  Inconceivable! Pit of Despair! The dread pirate Roberts!
Joy would like your help to plan a fundraising activity based on the movie theme, possibly to be held in mid-October. Sounds like fun! Contact Joy:

Happenings Author: Pat Daly, volunteer and educator
For the address and directions to our Fenton shelter, contact me:
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